A.  The Basic Dao-Tha Soundcode Training





Part 1: Universal Soundcodes

Universal Soundcodes are helpful tools in any section of your life as well as your work with humans or with animals. They are not specifically designed for working with the re-alignement of the body or the Atlas. They are additional essential tools to support the system in the unwinding process that starts with the Atlas correction.a7b57675-2463-430a-9641-5276fd15ba25-klein

If you are not interested in working with the body structure or correcting the Atlas, this set of
codes might still be very interesting for you to learn as an additional tool to use in your own practise.

This part will be available for you as a class – independent from the whole Training for Atlas and Body in Balance. This part of the training will support  your own growth as well as giving you new tools to work with on yourself and others – and also on our animal-friends.

Here are some examples of Soundcodes:  

    Heart Break 



    State of love 

Duration: 1 ½ days


Part 2: The actual Training for Atlas and Body in Balance
(Animals as well as Humans) 

This part will prepare and train you in becoming a Soundcode Therapist/Healer and being able to work with Humans as well as Animals in correcting their Atlas and Balancing their Body.  

You will be 

    Learning  the  specific Soundcodes (you will receive them in notation as well as Audio form) 

    Receiving a guideline through the sessions 

    Working on yourself as well as with clients (and animals) 

    Learning the details of follow up sessions 

    Getting support in unfolding your singing voice 

    Getting introduced into working silently, without singing 

    Receiving special attunements into the morphogenetic field of Soundcodes 

This class will also have a deep impact on your own personal growth and developement. The week that you will be spending with me, will help you to upgrade your healing abilities and heal a lot of your own issues on all levels. 

We want you to be able to work in the same capacity that I am working from myself. There is nothing like „special people“, we are all very gifted Divine beings! 

We will meet again after a month and see, if you have further questions or requests.

In addition you will find Audios, Videos and a lot of additional information available for you online, once you have gone through the training.

Duration: 6 days for the whole online training 

From this year on, the training will be available as a full online Seminar. 

If you are interested in just taking the first part, please talk to us, we will give you further information. 



B.  Advanced class 


Part 1: Universal Soundcodes 

You will be learning a new set of Soundcodes, that can be used in your professional as well as personal life. I also will be sharing new information about the whole work with Soundcodes on all levels. - This part of the Upgrading Class would also be useful for those, who only took the first part of the Basic Training. 

Duration: 1 day 


Part 2: Specific Soundcodes for a healthy re-alignment of Humans and Animals, body/mind and soul 

I will be sharing Soundcodes for working with humans and animals, that will take care of a lot of special situations and difficulties that you could face when working with animals or/and people. 

In addition I will share the codes for unichorn and pegasus abilities for horses, and some very special codes for humans as well. 

Duration: 2 days, 3 days for the full upgrade class 

Once you have gone through both classes, you are fully aquipped to work as a Soundcode Healer or Soundcode Therapist for Humans as well as Animals. With the Basic Soundcode Therapy Training you will also be able to work, but you will find, that there is more to know. 


C.  Additional online classes are available for special subject matters as Organs or Meridians.

You will find them under: „Soundcode Classes


For questions you can come to me directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.