Experiences after Atlas in Balance for humans

“The experience I had with Elisabeth Westermann was sweet and profound. I had heard about Atlas in Balance for some time and was curious to find out what all the talk was about as it seemed to be helping many people. Elisabeth’s energy felt very grounded and clear, which helped me to be receptive and open to the healing energy. Her touch felt intuitive and guided, and I instantly felt an opening happening in my chakras. Her angelic voice assisted in releasing what felt like blockages of energy; and thru the vibration of her voice, the opening came easily. Practically speaking, I haven’t had the neck pain that I used to have, ever since receiving the Soundcode Therapy. My ability to turn my head easily and without pain is attributable to the Atlas adjustment and Elisabeth’s tender yet intentional healing. Elisabeth has a special gift to offer for those willing to receive. Check it out!” Catherine Scherwenka, Oneness University

“After the Atlas in Balance, my migrane that I have been suffering under for at least ten years, was gone. Ever since then – over two years now- it never has come back. Ever since the session, I feel this steady warm flow of kundalini going up my back. Also, my whole attitude towards life has changed profoundly. I feel more connected with life and no longer in resistance. I am full of thankfulness towards the Divine.” Sylvia G. Deeskha giver Berlin, Germany

“THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BLESSING OF THAT HEALING SESSION! I feel fabulous! Words can hardly describe–yet, I know you know! All stiffness, pain in my back, neck, etc., is completely gone--and I feel ‘lighter’ ‘clearer.’ It even feels easier to breathe and that wasn’t even an issue–at least not that I knew of–just feeling so open and grounded and energy flowing freely through me from crown chakra through the soles of my feet. Amazing blessing–thank you again!” Laurien Towers, Los Angeles, CA

When he first came, Marco was full of restlessness, and unable to sit still. He reported that concentrating in school was very difficult, and that the physicians had diagnosed ADHS. I noticed that he walked on tiptoe instead of on his whole foot. Half a year after the session, I saw him again, as a totally changed person! Silently he sat down, facing me, and said, “Mrs. Westermann, I am so thankful for the treatment that you did with me! Now I am able to follow the teachers in school and can perfectly concentrate on what I am doing. It is such a relief for me!” Reported by Elisabeth: Marco, 8 yrs, Germany

“WOW! I do yoga everyday and feel such a lightness in my body and I have had this achy blocked energy in my shoulder for about a year and after my Soundcode Therapy it is totally GONE! I just feel like I can breathe better!” Jeanne Mitchell. Los Angeles, CA

“I had my Soundcode Therapy around a week ago and didn’t feel very much. My lower back was still bothering me and then about a week later, day by day it kept leaving and now the pain is almost gone!” David TiLove, Laguna Nigel, CA

“After the Soundcode Therapy my body feels very different. The pain in the back, hips and legs is gone. My shoulders have become even and, most amazingly, my inner life has changed. I feel a kind of lightness, happiness and connection to my God that I never have had in my life before. Life has become a joy!” Stefan R. 84yrs. Wach, Poland

“I have had problems with my neck, head and back for many many years and tried many many treatments and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. And I know the results will keep evolving. What I see now is that I feel way open around my head and neck, I feel freer in my body, and have more clarity.” Linda Sherwood, Los Angeles, CA

“After my atlas session, the pain that I have lived with for 15 years is gone. It’s hard to believe from around a 45-min session of hearing sound codes. I feel so light and open and my heart feels so happy.” Justine Finley, Hunington Beach, CA

“After a severe car-accident, I became hard of hearing in the right ear. The left ear had been deaf from birth. Even though I was wearing a hearing aid I could hardly follow the teachings in school. Right after the atlas was balanced, I was able to hear clearly again and no longer need an aid!” Meret, 14 yrs, Eckernforde, Germany

If you want to see more, you can go to Youtube and watch the testimonials of Atlas Balancing and Atlas in Balance.


Experiences after Atlas in Balance for animals

Arania, chestnut mare, 7 years: Not able to be ridden when turning to the right, she is rearing on a regular basis. After the Soundcode Therapy the horse is able to be ridden turning to both sides. She doesn't rear any more.

Marcia, mare, 9 years with intense hip-problems, there is no regularity of movement, an irregular pace. After Soundcode Therapy she has a regularity of movement.

Gino, gelting, 12 years, is not ready to be worked on at first. 2 -3 days after the Soundcode Therapy he shows his flexibility of the neck-region, by demonstrating a headturning to the right as well as to the left.

Bruno, elderly labradore, 12 years old with rigidity in the hip-region and a very obvious "natural" asymmetry. The tail is stiff as well and is carried imbalancedly. After Soundcode Therapy he is walking in a straight line after some steps, the "natural" asymmetry is gone, back and hips are moving freely and the whole tail becomes freed and is waved balancely into both directions. The dog seems to have grown much younger and a lot more alive. This state remains and enhences even after some time.

Mimi, a very old, friendly dog, a medium-tall mix. Not ready to move a lot anymore and not being able to go trott. When lying, he always was turned on the right side. After the Soundcode Therapy he is playing joyfully barking with a joung large hound. He is able to go trot again.