Elisabeth mit HundIMG 4314-3

Elisabeth working on the dog


On the physical body



  • The hind legs loosen up and the tail is waving with more balance to left and right side.
  • When the back is more flexible, digestion-problems disappear and pain is relieved.
  • Restless dogs that bark often become more quiet and relaxed
  • Gate is restored and natural shew fades and running is straight.
  • Stiffness resolves in lumbar and hip region
  • Rejuvenated energy and playfulness, more vitality
  • Coughing ceases usually after drinking water
  • Allergic reactions can fade away
  • Able to have bowel movements with more ease.   


  • Becomes more affectionate, abnormal behaviors can clear away.
  • Can retard bladder stones and kidney-problems from developing.


  • More flexible in neck and head, the natural shew fades away.
  • The hind legs are moving more freely, the tail is hanging in a balanced way. There are almost no unequal measures any more.
  • Able to move (rein) to both sides equally balanced
  • Gait returns to straight position without favoring one side
  • Over sensitivity and swishing of tail can cease
  • Vertebra return to proper position easily, no manipulation
  • Saddle compulsions, shoulder lameness and coughing because of blockages can disappear.
  • When horse and rider both have gone through the balancing, they are able to get in tune in their movements in a much better way. Both of them are in a balanced straight alignement and the riders report, that they are able to sit in a more stable position, “deeper”, as they say, in the saddle.

On the psyche and the behavior of the animal

  • The dog becomes more stable, restlessness and lack of alertness can vanish. The dog is more happy and full of vitality.
  • The horse will not rear up and buck as often as before.
  • Increased resistances greatly diminish as the inner and outer tension fades away more and more.
  • Loose calmness and easiness are to be observed also in the way measures.
  • Hyper sensitivity can fade and that can be easily observed. They are not as jumpy as before.

There will be more effects to be seen longterm. We will be observing and reserching on this and report here.