In our research on the body and energetic system of humans, we have discovered that there are two other major parts of the body that are important in maintaining the equilibrium and stability of the physical and subtle bodies as well as in the human psyche that fit in partnership with the Atlas in Balance.


AZ-Steissbein2015-03The region of the coccyx also has an important influence on the structural system, and in most people, is out of balance like the Atlas. The coccyx is either tilted, turned, buckled or even broken through an accident or fall. When the coccyx is aligned using the sound codes, there will be a stabilizing and supporting influence on the structure of the body that integrates quite naturally with the initial Atlas in Balance. There is a direct effect on the digestive organs as well as the organs of the pelvis region to be able to relax into a new position. A point of great stress for many is the lower back region. This alignment will help to relieve those pains and the back will be able to relax more profoundly. In the energetic bodies, an easier flow of the kundalini energies will be experienced. Clients might feel more grounded, more at ease and connected with themselves because the integration process of our multi-dimensional bodies will be happening more easily. This realignment addresses the concept “as above so below” and will lead to a deeper personal connection to source energy, the pure inspiration of healing one’s being. The coccyx alignment can be performed more than one time and differs in that way from the Atlas in Balance. The reason for that is because it is possible, that through traumas and falls of different kinds the coccyx can be thrown out of balance again. It does not have a socket like the Atlas does, which fits firmly into place.


Center of the body (Solar Plexus area)AZ-Xyphoid2015-03

We know that the center of the body, the solar plexus region as well as the xiphoid region, are also very important for the balance of the body and energetic system. Research continues in this area, however, several years of experience show, that working with our specific sound codes for the solar plexus area along with gentle touch, creates a highly energetic partnership with the coccyx for overall balancing and healthy functioning of physical, mental, emotional as well as subtle bodies. As we know, emotional blockages can be stored in the solar plexus area both in physical as well as energetic imprints of past traumas. Deep releases are experienced with these alignments resulting in people feeling more connected to their own innate, unlimited power instead of being easily influenced and overpowered by other energies.


Other Benefits of Body in Balance

  • The horizontal alignment of the body will become more balanced
  • Aches and pain in this region can dissolve
  • Emotional and mental programming blockages can dissolve
  • Communication will anchor from your innate true nature
  • The lower ego-structures can disintegrate
  • Happiness, a positive approach towards life, integrity, prosperity, success and connectedness will become one’s daily experience
  • Awakening into the consciousness of unity, oneness of all life-expression will be greatly supported
  • One’s special, individual abilities and gifts might unfold effortlessly

These two Balancings will usually be done in two sessions.