atlas-schiefWhy is the position of the atlas bone (the first vertebra of the spine) important for health, well-being and the evolution of consciousness? The Atlas is the gateway for the brain and the entire nervous system to send and receive messages. That is why it is important that its functioning is not constricted and that it is in its most optimal position possible. If the atlas is out of place, it will weaken the whole system. This is a picture of the first vertebra, called the atlas. You can see how “far out” it is.

The profound turning of the atlas in the human systems was first discovered by Mr. Rene C. Schümperli in the early 90s of the last century. Because of this turning, this part of the body is very unstable and therefore very delicate. When out of balance it may contribute to the formation of various physical complaints and diseases, especially when other weakening factors are also present. Tension in necks and backs are usually the immediate results of this misplacement. This can become even worse after accidents, falls and whiplashes.

According to the German non-profit organization known as „Rückgrad e.V.“, witch studies and promotes self-healing techniques, the following could be the result of tension in the neck and back region:

Neck and back pain
malposition of the jaws
hip and knee joint problems
visual disorder
migraine headaches
pain in the legs and arms
autoimmune disorders
digestive problems
psychological problems
burn out


This part of the body is most important for the well-functioning of all systems and is also very sensitive and delicate. Because it is tucked under the occiput, it is difficult to manipulate this region directly. Nevertheless, it is possible to support the body in discovering the balanced position between atlas, axis and the base of the skull all by itself!
Atlas in Balance is able to inform the system so that the body gets access to forgotten healthy information that it already had, but lost track of. The actual keys to unlock this information are the specific sound codes, sung to the client. They act as passcodes opening a specific page of healthy information that the body has forgotten to work with. The innate wisdom of the body itself will be re-awakened and significantly support this self-healing process.


Once the atlas has found its way into its original position - see also the picture - it will have a stability it was never able to have before. The client will feel the difference in daily life.

Usually the atlas will stay in this stabilized place. Turning back to its original unstable position is most unlikely. However, accidents, falls and emotional upheavals might cause discomfort in this region again. In most cases this will be due to muscle tension.  Sometimes the atlas might even move a little again, but generally not back into its previous dysfunctional imbalance.

If you feel discomfort it would make sense to contact your Soundcode Therapist. He/she will be able to help you easily. Usually the atlas will stay stable throughout your life. As an additional point we have even seen that the stable position of the atlas was inherited by the children of females who have had their atlas corrected.  We are still researching on this finding to determine the universality.


How would this work support the evolution of mankind?IMG 2217-2018-08-klein

The atlas region is oftentimes referred to as the “Mouth of God”. It is the place where the life-energy enters the body system and it is also the point of connection with the vertical flow of divine energy in and through us. The soundcodes are working in a holistic way, blending body, mind and spirit. Whenever we are touching a part of the physical body we also find emotional, mental and energetic blockages that can be dissolved along with the physical release. We have oftentimes witnessed the flow of divine energy, called “kundalini” starting to become much more steady and prevalent through the sound codes being sung.

In Soundcode Therapy we are supporting the healthy part of the body and are not interested in diagnosing or promising any cure. Soundcode Therapy can never be a substitute for medical treatments. We do not manipulate the body but support the organism in a gentle way to find its own balance in the physical as well as the energetic and mental-emotional bodies.

The effects and benefits can be amazing.

Go to “effects” on this site if you would like to know more.

Some more information can be found in the little video below, that was created in the year 2012.