Not only do humans have the atlas in this profoundly turned configuration,but also the mammals are born with this malfunction. It seems to be the reason for the “natural asymmetry” (pattern of the movement of animals regarding gait and alignment) that can be obvious, and wound then cause various physical problems for the animal.

The turned atlas causes an instability in the animals’ bodies so that, most likely, they will develop difficulties, especially when they have experienced falls or accidents of any kind, because the atlas will then turn even more. This can create major structural maladies as well as illnesses. This can become a prevalent problem when the animal is subjected to stress or other weakening factors and, of course, when the animal starts aging.

Besides the horse’s change, see the rider’s postural change after both, horse and rider have received the Soundcode Therapy™.

at the beginning at the end
lag of time: 3 hours

What is this malfunction that is inherent in most mammals?

Is it possible that a few simple and powerful “sound codes” can be a catalyst for creating major shifts in an animal’s anatomy?

The underlying cause of why this modality is bringing such strong and lasting benefits rests in this understanding:

When the atlas is turned, it causes an instability in the animal’s body. With this disharmony, the animal will develop difficulties in walking and in flexibility, as well as show behavioral signs such as irritability, restlessness, indigestion, tail imbalances, stiffness, resistance, etc. These conditions can be more pronounced when they have experienced falls or accidents of any kind, because the atlas will be in a greater torque and, therefore, could create major problems, as mentioned above. After a session, animals can immediately show signs of calmness, less hyperactivity, and increased energy and vitality, along with the hips being raised and achieving more spring in their gait.

One of the major problems for horses and pets which owners and trainers have to face constantly is the so-called “natural crookedness” . Because that condition is prevalent, neither the dog nor the horse is able to walk in a straight line.

This singular problem poses big challenges in the show and competition world of these animals, because the animals tend to favor one side over the other. Another important issue that arises from this condition is the stiffness in the neck for turning easily to either side. If the animal does not receive constant attention for this disharmonic position almost every day as a retrain, then the imbalanced patterns reappear.

Atlas in Balance usually just needs one session to correct this malfunction.

Tara Yvonne und Doris3

Doris Blunier from Switzerland working on a horse (note the orbs).

There are typical diseases and malfunctions that seem to have been caused by the misplacement of the first vertebra. These may include:

With horses:

hind legs spread wide or to the side of front legs, or not aligned to front turning of the head is difficult to the left side vertebrae out of alignment causing other problems increased resistance in one direction (right rein) lacking flexibility of neck and head movement is askew and crooked coughing caused by blockages restriction in the swing of the back irregular pace shoulder lameness saddle resistance tail is not balanced bucking and rear ups unequal stride to each direction missing loose-rein calmness inner restlessness digestion problems abnormal behavoir

With dogs:

stiffness in neck, head & lumbar the dog is walking with a very slight limp tail wagging off more to one side tail carried with off center head is turned to the right coughing after drinking water abnormal behavior low, listless energy restlessness tensed back

With cats:

bladder stones restlessness stiffness of the body abnormal behavior super sensitive about being touched

Quite naturally, an animal would not allow you to manipulate in the very sensitive regions of neck and head. However, through simple energetic work as well as through a gentle touch in the neck region and the use of specific soundcodes™ and toning, the animal will receive the information it needs for the atlas to achieve its balanced, stabilized position under the edge of the scull. The innate wisdom of the body supports this process. It is astounding to see, that animals are very ready to be treated like this. And it is clearly noticeable and very touching to observe, that when there are several animals in one household or on a farm, after one has received the Soundcode Therapy™, the next one will willingly come and hold its head in readiness to be treated as well. With animals as well as the humans, the atlas, once it has found its way to its healthy position will have a stability, that never existed before. When you observe an older dog walking before the modality,and then after, you can see the shift and new balance in the hips and the perk in their gait. And as each day goes by, this work further integrates into their system. For horses, it is really wonderful to see what happens, when horse and rider both have undergone this balancing. It is observed that they both are acting and moving in a more flexible way as the horse is looser in the hind legs.

You can see this in our short film below, taken in 2012. Gerlint Rode, who has been working with horses and dogs almost all of her life, was the first trainee for Atlas Balancing with animals.