Atlas Profilax and Rene C. Schümperli Only after twenty years of diligent and dedicated research did Mr. Schümperli put forth the concept of the atlas’s profound twist and tilt. He developed Atlas Profilax, a method to correct the unhealthy positioning of this little but very important bone. I learned this from him personally many years ago and worked with it for almost seven years. His findings constitute the building blocks of the anatomical basis for Atlas in Balance. I want to convey my deep gratitude to him for his findings.

Prof. Gisela Rohmert My special gratitude goes to Prof. Gisela Rohmert, the founder of the Lichtenberg Method. Her research on the function of the human voice and how sound is affecting us as well as her private lessons have been and still are  groundbreaking for my own work in so many different ways and forms. Thank you, Prof. Rohmert, for being in my life.

Ayshea Bieler I would also like to say thank you to Ayshea Bieler for her stimulation and support, so that eventually Soundcode Therapy could be born.

Gerlint Rode My gratitude goes to Gerlint Rode. Her skills and experience in working with animals - especially horses and dogs - for over 30 years, have played an important part in the development of Atlas Balancing for Animals.

Brunhild Liedloff A big, heartfelt “Thank you!” goes to my dear friend Brunhild Liedloff from Austria, who encouraged me to continue steadfastly on the path of researching the singing voice, its capacities, and its healing capabilities. With her profound knowledge of human nature and of the body, along with her very accurate clairvoyance, she has given important insights and recommendations for the development of Atlas in Balance, Body in Balance and the rest of the soundcode work.  

Amma/Bhagavan I would like to mention the great and wonderful support which I have received and continue to receive, in a spiritual and energetic sense, from the Oneness University, and especially from the Avatar Bhagavan, whom I was honored to meet in person. He knows, supports and blesses my work. It is a great privilege to be granted an in-person meeting with an Avatar, and to be able to talk to him as though to one’s best friend. Words cannot express the love and gratitude for this heart-touching and precious gift.