Some time ago the atomic physicist, Professor Haber said:

“If we would be able to compress everything that is solid matter on this earth plane, and we would take everything out, that is vibrating energy, we would come up with a soccer ball with the weight of the whole earth. Everything else that exists on this planet is vibrating energy.”

Elisabeth Westermann is singing Soundcodes in Schleswig Holstein, Germany April 2015

That means, that almost everything, that we experience as solid matter is actually vibration or sound.

So it is no wonder that sound has a direct effect on matter, perhaps a more profound effect than that of a chemical substance.


An evening with Elisabeth Westermann and her Soundcodes in Schleswig Holstein, Germany April 2015

The soundcodes that we use in Soundcode Therapy are specific little melodies that are sung by the human voice right into the physical system of the client. They are made of vowels, consonants, intervals and rhythmic patterns and are specifically designed to work right at the point of their entry into the body. I am always amazed when I see and experience how a tiny little melody, made of three to five tones sung a few times can even move bones into their healthy balanced positions.

The soundcodes act as passcodes that help the body to access and remember innate healthy information. Through them, the body system is enabled to remember how to regenerate itself and to recognize unhealthy functions in the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. The correct positioning or functioning will come about naturally, once this information has been decoded.

It is very fascinating to watch animals react to soundcodes. The effect can be seen instantly. For ex-ample when a dog gets a session with Soundcode Therapy he would instantaneously adopt a new posture, would walk in a straight line, hips and back would loosen up and the tail usually will start to wave symmetrically to each side.

Concert with crystal bowls in Boston November 2014

There are three types of soundcodes.

The universal soundcodes are directly downloaded from the higher source. Their effect is universal, and those are the codes taught in the classes and trainings.

The individual soundcodes can be received by the Soundcode Therapist themselves and they work individually within the specific situation and with the specific person being worked with. They are not for everybody for every situation and therefore not meant to be taught in classes.

Everybody is kindly invited to use the codes that are shared on this site. These are the codes for singing and everybody can learn them and sing them for themselves for the mere joy of doing so! At the same time, they would also support their self-healing processes.

This system of soundcodes is based on ancient knowledge and wisdom that has been reawakened. We are constantly researching and finding new ways of using it. For example it is already known, that organs, tissues, thought structures and emotions carry specific sound structures. Information within the body is conveyed via sound and light frequencies.

In the bible, St. John, chapter 1 it says: “In the beginning was the sound...” And Shri Sai Baba, one of the sages and saints of our century said some years ago that in the future sound and singing would be used as medicine rather than chemicals. We are looking forward to these words to become a living truth!

To give you an example of the soundcodes, please find the ones below. You can also download them for your own use.


Soundcodes for listening and download  -  please click