Atlas in Balance, developed by Elisabeth U.H.Westermann, is a method to support the body of humans as well as animals to find the quickest path to a healthy balanced functioning.

From the time of birth the atlas is out of balance. It is turned and most of the time also tilted in humans as well as in most of the mammals.

Because the atlas is vulnerable and unstable, accidents and falls can worsen the situation dramatically. The whole organism becomes weakened and compromised, which can result in a variety of physical ailments, especially aches and pains throughout the whole body.

The discovery of Soundcode Therapy for Atlas in Balance, which is a very gentle technique employing light touch, energetic work and sound-codes, opens the body to a natural, guided self-healing.

The resulting new orientation can also bring lasting and permanent changes in one's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual status.

Testimonials from around the world show that  long-term, plaguing symptoms clear after only one session with this modality. We can also say, after observing the effects of Soundcode Therapy for some years, the effects are lasting.

If you would like to read more, go to "Atlas in Balance for humans“ or "Atlas in Balance for animals", "Soundcodes“ and "Effects on humans“ or "Effects on animals". There you can find more detailed information about the work.


Soundcode Therapy does not involve diagnosis or therapy in the physical sense. We are working with energetic and spiritual healing. This work is not meant to replace the therapeutic work of the medical profession but is a support in re-awakening the self-healing capabilities in the person or the animal. The methology intertwines body, mind and spirit.